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ProRentUSA is a Free Apartment Finding Network of Independent Agents
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Why choose ProRentUSA?

Personal and Professional help with finding an apartment to rent in USA - and Free!

The easy way to take the worry and uncertainty out of moving is to take advantage of the FREE professional services of the ProRentUSA Network. Our apartment locators nationwide have the knowledge of local markets and personalized expertise to help you choose the right apartment at the right price in the right neighborhood

We are a member of the Pro Rent USA network, a nationwide apartment locator network of high quality, experienced leasing agents and apartment finders in cities nationwide. There's simply no faster way to find the best apartments for apartment finders: remember, we know your new home town like the back of our hand since 1999.

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Designed for your business

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Economic Outlook

What's the economic outlook in your new home town on Mon 22nd Apr 2013?

Periodically we at ProRentUSA use available government indicators to bring you an analysis of the state of the economy in the major areas we serve. This information can help you choose the right economic area or find a better school if you have children.

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Fully Committed

it takes a lifetime to make a reputation and only a second to break one. We are committed to delivering the highest standards when finding you a new apartment.

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Why Are There No Fees?

ProrentUSA operate as an apartment locators agency that ask for no up front fee most of the time because we only get paid when we locate you an apartment. We just ask the new landlord which you are renting from to give us a commission for our services in renting out their apartment.

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ProRentUSA have been finding apartments to rent in the USA since 1999.

Known as one of the leading Apartment Locators we have thousands of happy tenants who return every year for us to find them a new apartment, and to us that is the biggest testimonial.

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